Enterprise Service Management as a Service

Enterprise Service Management as a Service

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PLAIN IT AG is a service provider in the IT industry and intends to launch a new service on the market in addition to the existing IT service management business, which will either lead companies to service orientation or support them in this way. The Enterprise Service Management (ESM) service covers all support and interdisciplinary processes. These are digitized on the one hand and added value on the other. Only enrichment enables a genuine service orientation. The ESM service (product) is offered as a Saas solution or as a full-service solution and monetized by means of license fees. We will be able to use the new ESM service as a supplement to our word and figurative trademark PLAIN IT, analogous to a claim. The first step is the naming of the ESM service.
The basic values of the PLAIN IT brand naturally also apply to the ESM service. We enable our customers to set up and operate a simple and value-added IT system. Important is the partnership and sustainable cooperation, to which we invite the customer (do it simply or plain in our words!).
The claim should be as short and easy to understand as possible.

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