Easy, reliable and transparent technology services

Easy, reliable and transparent technology services

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We are looking for a name for a company that is going to offer services in the cloud storage/cloud computing area. Probably one of our first products is a cloud storage offering.
The name of the company should not be related to the products, instead it should express our interest in developing and deploying smart solutions or how we would like our products to be perceived, which is reliable, transparent and easy to use.

Addition: The name should still be available as domain, e.g. something like .io, .tech, .com, .net, ...
The TLD can also be part of the name, for example smart.technology. Hope that helps!

Skills: NamefindingNamen bedenkenNamensfindungproductnamenBedrijfsnamen verzinnenname findingBedrijfsnaam bedenkenBedrijfsnaam

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