Brand name for an upscale nutritional supplement company

Brand name for an upscale nutritional supplement company

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We are about to launch an upscale line of supplements. It'll be mostly sold online and may be sold to high end retailers. The initial market will be USA, followed by Dubai and Asia. The company will carry exclusive potent formulas for daily health, skin health, gut health. A combination of neutraceutical, herbs, bioactive ingredients. This is a boutique company which will not compete with average on shelf products but rather create a following from scratch. The products USP are Made in USA, Natural, Organic and certifications (USDA, FDA etc)

Consumer: Men and Women 30 to 60 who'll go an extra mile to pay for potent content and luxury look and feel of the product. Usually they are aware of benefits of natural content, herbs, plant extracts etc.

Spirit and emotion that brand should convey: Our brand should evoke an upscale, transformational, regenerate, 'I MUST TRY', compelling to spend premium for well being

Additional Info:The brand will have NEW YORK associate with it below the brand name (example attached where AUSTRAILIA is mentioned). This is to position the product like all big boys do. Example Maybelene New York, Loreal Paris etc (Although these are cosmetic example, we like the idea to put new york to increase value into Dubai and Asia region)... The initial product will be one potent supplement but eventually there might be possibility to include couple of upscale skin care products like serum etc..

Domain: Looking for an available .COM domain with the name. If not exact, minor variation can be acceptable.

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