Company message printed on my sweater

Company message printed on my sweater

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Hello all,

I would like to have my company message printed on my sweater. The company message corresponds to a philosophy of life.

My company message – My company is FREE & DEFY:
You are ignored any limits that your environment or your own body / mind want to show you. You break the social norms and clichés to follow your own intuition and purpose. This creates the most wonderful moments. The goal is not only achieved, but exceeded. The moment is not only experienced, but exploited. Live free and defy everything that prevents you from an exciting life

This way of thinking and acting should be printed on the hoodie. The message should be perceived as an appeal and have a motivating and rebellious effect at the same time. In addition, the passion for unlimited freedom should also be expressed. It would be ideal if the appeal was packaged as a creative slogan - Powerful and inspiring. Please not a boring calendar saying. Please create a text of at least 40 words. However, the text should not have more than 70 words.

Here is an example from me:

I'm different than assumed, rarely as expected,
But never like others want me to be!
I follow my own intuition and determination
I will not achieve my goals, I will exceed them.
I exhaust the wonderful moments and feel the limitless freedom
I live

That is only a direction. I am from Germany and my englisch is bad. Because of thisI l so I'm really looking forward to your version.

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