Design for signet ring

Design for signet ring

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First price

-Design for signet ring, enclosed pictures show basic idea.
-Monogram (initials are AS) should conceptualy stay as it is, though font, size, etc. can be modified, but it should still look more like a symbol and not like letters.
-Monogram sould be fitted into an overall design.
-Other design elements could be added (e.g. outer ring etc., but no heraldry).
-Ring has an oval form, size ca. 16.5 x 12.5mm.
-Design will be engraved (negative) or raised (positive), not decided yet.
-Ring will be metal only or with stone (blue, lapis lazuli or black, onyx), not decided yet.
-Please consider that space and implementation limit the possibilities of the design.

Thank you in advance for your work.

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